Our Services

Constant and reliable computer support, services and physical equipment are the main stays of business in the 21th

century. We provided all of these functions and more.  We previously analyzed

 problems and fixed seemingly defective and defunct computer's and 

did maintain those printer device too.



High Performance Computing

HPC is what computers are all about in the 21th century.  Without, multi-cores Intel et. al. devices providing the computer performance that is needed the computing future would not be possible.  Of course, the OS is and will be critical to any future evolution of computer functionality and usefulness.  64 and 128 bit Windows and Linux version are everywhere and will be so vital too.  As more address space will be as necessary to functionality as the fullness of time becomes the computing future.

Wire & Wireless Solutions

The lack of wired infrastructure can be helpful or a security nightmare.  

Be sure you understand the security features in each of your wireless devices.

As IPv6 addressing continues to "come online" over the next few orbits, we'll, no doubt, be seeing lots of security issues around both wired and wireless connections. 

Be sure your informed about what value each of the issues presents.